HOPE & Spectrum Healthcare Partnership

man holding a megaphone

HOPE Incorporated and Spectrum Healthcare Group announced today that the companies have entered a strategic partnership that will fully blend peer-centered behavioral health, psychiatric, and primary care services. Co-located in centers throughout Arizona, this unique integration is aimed at ensuring that individuals of all ages have access to the services they need to live healthier lives in the community.

HOPE, Inc. is no stranger to the behavioral health landscape. With 30+ years as a peer and family-run provider, HOPE has continued to adapt and expand to meet the needs of those living with mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Understanding that community collaboration is key to the health and welfare of the individuals they serve, HOPE has historically created successful alliances to ensure that gaps in care delivery are narrowed, recidivism rates are reduced and ultimately costs in health care are lowered.

Dan Haley, HOPE CEO shares that the partnership makes sense on many levels. “We are like-minded organizations, with a person-centered approach that promotes individual voice and choice and empowers members to take an active role in their recovery and health care services.”

Spectrum Healthcare group began serving the communities of Northern Arizona in 1965 and has expanded its efforts to bring integrated healthcare to communities across the state.  The Spectrum team strives to find the “yes” when our clients have health-related needs as they are well-positioned and responsible.  This mission demands innovation, determination, and partnership.

April Rhodes, Spectrum CEO, adds,Spectrum is excited to partner with such an organization that has demonstrated commitment to the people it serves and like-minded values around access to care.  It is through partnerships like these that we can best serve the people in our communities who need it most.”

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