Supported Employment Services

In addition to providing income, the opportunity to work facilitates social inclusion and influences many aspects of health status. For individuals living with mental illness, substance use, and/or who are transitioning from the criminal justice system, employment can serve to increase self-esteem, social integration, and participation in community activities.

Supported employment focuses on achieving outcomes by matching individuals to jobs best suited for their skills, strengths, interests, and capacities, and by providing continuous support during employment. As with all other HOPE services, individual preferences are honored, focusing the job search on positions that use an individual’s strengths and skills and that are aligned with their interests. HOPE Employment Services include:

  • Career exploration
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Mock interview
  • Communication and soft skills development
  • Computer skills training
  • Job development and placement
  • Disability Benefits 101 training

For more information about Supported Employment Services, contact the HOPE Center nearest you.