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CRTT is a peer-run team that supports incarcerated individuals to successfully transition to their community upon release. We believe that peers who have been involved in the criminal justice system can effectively establish trust and build rapport with individuals when they need it most. In collaboration with community stakeholders, the CRTT works to identify gaps and coordinate resources and services aimed at successful re-entry and reduced recidivism.

Team-based peer support and assistance includes:rightdirection

  • AHCCCS application through DES
  • Accessing community support for basic needs (food, shelter, utilities, etc.)
  • Enrollment in or contact with a Health Home of Member’s Choice
  • Coordinating care as needed
  • Supporting compliance with Courts, Probation and Pre-Trial Services
  • Development of a plan for sustaining recovery

Who is eligible for CRTT services?

  • All community members in Pima County
  • Members with an identified need

How are members referred to CRTT?

  • Self-referral
  • Family Member(s)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal Council
  • Judge
  • HOPE Staff

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