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Outpatient Services

Furthering the HOPE philosophy of care, our facility in Yuma offers an array of peer-driven, recovery-based, and individualized behavioral health services. Each Member works closely with their Recovery Support Team (Recovery Navigator and Peer Support Specialist) to identify goals and develop a personalized recovery plan. For up-to-date information and Telehealth Group Schedule for your site, CLICK HERE.leapborder7.7

Services at HOPE, Yuma include:


  • Individual and Group Counseling

  • Recovery Support (in-home and on-site)

  • Peer and Family Support

  • Employment Support

  • Transportation

  • Skills Training

  •  Supervised Day Program



Criminal Justice Recovery Program

HOPE Yuma's Criminal Justice Recovery Program offers support to individuals involved in the criminal justice system with reintegration into the community, meeting court obligations, and navigating resources through individual and group therapy that includes:


  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) a systematic peer-based treatment to enhance self-image, promote the growth of a positive identity, and change destructive thinking patterns and behaviors that result in arrests.

  • Social Responsibility focuses on an individual's role in society, their self-esteem, and motivation.

  • Relapse Prevention provides skills to support and sustain recovery.

Each of our Peer Support Specialists and Recovery Navigators has been involved in the criminal justice system themselves and can effectively create rapport with other individuals when they need it most - upon release.

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