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As a second-responder peer support team at HOPE, PACT works with Members in the community to help stabilize them following a crisis episode. PACT seeks to bridge gaps and facilitate effective transitions; working with all involved community agencies on the Member’s behalf for a period of up to 45 days, post-referral. PACT’s goal at the end of 45 days is that the Member is successfully linked with available support and has obtained additional fundamental coping skills to strengthen their recovery.

Team-based support and services include:Skyweather

  • Service planning upon crisis assessment/discharge
  • Accessing community support for basic needs (food, shelter, utilities, etc.)
  • Enrollment in or contact with a Health Home of Member’s Choice
  • Identification of member’s assigned PCP and coordinating care as needed
  • Education aimed at building Member self-sufficiency
  • Development of a Safety/Crisis Plan

Who is eligible for PACT Services?

  • Title 19 community members in Pima County
  • Cenpatico Health Home enrolled & non-enrolled members
  • Referred through Level I Facility, ie Crisis Response Center (CRC), Crisis Mobile Team (CMT)

How to make a PACT referral:

  • Discuss PACT with the Member and obtain their consent for a referral
  • Obtain a signed ROI
    • Send via secure email to
    • PACT reaches Member within 24 hours of referral and begins providing services
    • A warm handoff may occur as available on a case basis (examples: on-site location after a crisis evaluation, at an agreed upon location for homeless members)

Contact PACT: