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Welcome to the section dedicated to our Members! We as Members are proud to be on the road to recovery and to be doing that with HOPE, where we have an opportunity to contribute to our own growth and that of the organization. Each week we hold a Community Forum; an open platform for announcements and updates, but also the sharing of ideas and concerns. The Forum is faciliated by the Member Council, whose Members also meet weekly to plan, to discuss and to generate ideas for future Member-driven events and activities. 

Please celebrate recovery with us. Read our monthly Newsletter, browse the Member Success Stories and check out our Group and Community Calendars. We're in it Together. 

2018 was a year of change and HOPE Staff, Members and Managemetn are resilient as ever. This year's events included; celebrations for Halloween, with a costume contest, prizes and games; a Candelight Vigil; a Harvest Feast and finally a year-end Holiday celebration. All sites participated with decorations supported by donations of time, energy and funds from our Board of Directors, Staff and Members. Congratulations to all for moving HOPE forward into 2019!

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