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Welcome to HOPE’s website! We’re excited to show you all of the new things that HOPE has to offer the behavioral health community in Arizona.

HOPE’s most unique quality is that we have always been, and always will be 100% Peer and Family run. Everyone employed at HOPE identifies as an individual who currently lives with or has lived with a mental health or substance abuse issue, or has assisted a close family member or friend with the navigation of behavioral health or substance abuse challenges. If you’re interested in learning about HOPE’s rich peer support history, take a look at our timeline: The Evolution of HOPE

HOPE also prides itself in saying “yes” to our community partners. HOPE has long-standing relationships with other like-minded organizations in Arizona, working toward eradicating stigma and creating an environment of empowerment for our Members. For more information about how HOPE impacts the community, select Community Programs.

If you find yourself moved by HOPE’s Mission, select Support Us to make a donation, volunteer or find out more about working for our organization.


- Dan Haley


The Evolution of HOPE